G Finger Cairns Marlin Marina
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Where to meet

Departing from B Finger at the Cairns Marlin Marina

Unless otherwise advised, our trips depart from the Cairns Marlin Marina at the Pier promptly at 7am each morning. Please arrive with plenty of time – we reccomend at least 15 minutes – to ensure you are not keeping your fishing companions waiting!

The Cairns Pier Complex has a few facilities including a coffee shop on the Esplanade for you to grab a last minute coffee etc on the way through.

The Cairns Marlin Marina is a pretty big boating paradise.  When you are looking at the marina with your back to the Pier, you will notice that each ‘Finger’ of the marina is labelled A to H, right to left.

Therefore you will find ‘G Finger‘ as the second from the right, facing the water towards the Reef Terminal end.


You’ll find us on “G Finger” of the Cairns Marlin Marina – which the second marina arm from the right, facing the water.

Departing 7am daily – please arrive at least 15 minutes early!


G Finger at the Cairns Marlin Marina

Phone Tim

A reminder: All passengers please contact GBR SPORT FISHING CAIRNS between 5pm and 6:30pm the evening prior to your charter departure to reconfirm passenger numbers and to check weather conditions are safe and suitable for the charter!